The Little Pink Chair

Once upon a chair…

The story is an all too common one. An object, once desired, now discarded, left at the curb for another to discover. With eye catching ruffle covered legs, and an inviting seat, the once charming Little Pink Chair sits wrinkled and tattooed with the childish hand of a felt tip marker. Passers-by barely give the chair a glance. A kind soul moves the chair and shelters them from the rain and sun at a nearby bus stop. Perhaps they would afford a comfortable spot for a commuter returning to the workaday world. The Majestic and Gordon Head buses come and go but they sit unmoved. Perhaps they will become acquainted with the couch at the next corner or the desk drawers further on.

Their next life began with the click of a camera and a question: Where will you go today?
What happens from here is unknown as of yet.

But a spot on their cushion might well be met; With a rhyme or two from a chair from a room; In a house with a yard momentarily curbed then briefly disturbed, they will begin their own trip; suddenly seen and suddenly hip; Their life renewed and freshly recharged ready to travel and view the World Enlarged