About Bill – the photographer


It was my father who pointed out that my holiday photos were great except that there were no people in them.  I refocused my camera in a new direction. As teenager, I bought my first “serious” camera: a Konica range finder and several roles of black and white film. 

Partnering with my buddy Steve, we set out to capture the people and events of our high school, retreating to the darkroom to print what we had discovered.  By the end of grade 12 a dear friend wrote in my high school annual, “You and your damn camera”. My focus on people was set.

Several decades have passed and the Konica became a Canon, became a Pentax, and then a Nikon; and film changed to digital images with the enhancement of post production editing. 
I have admired the work of intimate portrait image makers like Yousuf Karsh and Annie Leibovitz and street photographers like Vivian Maier and Henri Cartier-Bresson, who captured capturing unawares the people they observed in everyday life.   

 As a photographer, I have found that middle ground of people in the street who know they are being photographed during whatever activity they have undertaken.  

In later years, I have become part of the Burning Man community and I have made a personal goal of mastering images at night.  I want to capture the joy emanating from people at play.  I want to capture the event, recreate that moment on the computer screen as I remember it and sharing that moment with those who were present. 

From the dazzling flames of El Pulpa Mechanica to the ethereal lights of LED costumes at Otherworld, all catch my imagination and drive me to celebrate the shared artistry and, in turn, my desire to share my photography.  Welcome to my World Enlarged. 

“Creativity flies in the face of convention.”

Bill Fosdick


“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

– Jennifer Lee